My Kryptonite

Hi my name is Brandy and my fiance is Donald Fitzgerald. As most of you know Donald has been dubbed "Superman" and for good reason. Donald was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) when he was 13 years old and relapsed when he was 18. He was cured of this cancer and has gone almost 13 years cancer free. During this time, he has undergone 2 hip replacements and a partial shoulder replacement due to the high doses of steroids he had to take. Then, on March 24th 2011, 3 months after his 32nd birthday, we got the devastating news that the cancer had come back. We are now at UMC about to undergo the long process of Chemo once again. He will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 30 days for the initial treatment. He is strong and will beat this once again but we need everyone's prayers. God is in control and there is nothing out of his hands. As someone posted once on facebook "The deals not done until God's done dealing".



Friday, May 27, 2011

Protocol 2 Day 4

Well, we are over half way to the end of this 7 day initiation of Chemo. He has 3 more days of chemo before he has a 7 day break. His kidneys are doing good still and his blood levels are good. He will probably need platelets tomorrow as they are right on the verge of falling below the transfusion mark. His magnesium is a little low and has been for a while now. They have been giving him Mag. supplements to keep it stable but it seems like whenever they stop giving it to him it drops again. I guess as long as they can keep it up with supplements it's okay. He has been pretty tired today and this Chemo seems to be taking a tole on him. He is seeing green during and shortly after they give him the morning chemo treatment. The doctor explained that some chemo is toxic to the eyes but since it clears pretty quickly and isn't getting any worse it shouldn't cause any permanent damage to his eyes. He has also started to break out in some sort of rash under his arms that the doctor can't explain. The doctor advised to try benedryl and hydrocortizone cream. It is more than likely chemo related but we are going to watch it and make sure it doesn't get any worse. The chemo is also upsetting his stomach a good bit.

He is trying to stay positive and is talking about all of the things he wants to do when he gets out of the hospital. I am so glad to hear him talking about the future instead of worrying he will never make it home. He is so funny sometimes because he fights his sleep. Just when you think he is out and resting, his head pops up and he looks at you. He looks like a little bobble head doll sometimes. :)

Lord we lay our burdens and troubles at your feet. We are turning it all over to you. You are the Great Physician and we know you will heal Donald's broken body. You are the Almighty God and we praise you. Thank you Lord for all of your blessings.

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