My Kryptonite

Hi my name is Brandy and my fiance is Donald Fitzgerald. As most of you know Donald has been dubbed "Superman" and for good reason. Donald was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) when he was 13 years old and relapsed when he was 18. He was cured of this cancer and has gone almost 13 years cancer free. During this time, he has undergone 2 hip replacements and a partial shoulder replacement due to the high doses of steroids he had to take. Then, on March 24th 2011, 3 months after his 32nd birthday, we got the devastating news that the cancer had come back. We are now at UMC about to undergo the long process of Chemo once again. He will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 30 days for the initial treatment. He is strong and will beat this once again but we need everyone's prayers. God is in control and there is nothing out of his hands. As someone posted once on facebook "The deals not done until God's done dealing".



Monday, May 9, 2011


Okay, so basically the doctors said they insulted Donald's kidneys by giving him too much vancomycin. His kidneys got mad and said nope, not gonna do ANYMORE. They decreased one of his antibiotics and took him completely off the vanc. His urine output is good but as of yesterday there was no change in his kidney levels. They drew blood again this morning so we will see if his kidney function has improved. The kidney doctor just came in and said that he believes his kidneys should make a full recovery and this is not uncommon for hospitalized patients. That is code for "we messed up and are going to blame it on being in the hospital". HA! I feel confident his kidney function is on on the mend. We are still waiting to see if he will start Chemo today and if so, which protocol. He has not slept well over the past few days and is exhausted. I wish there was some way for him to sleep for a full 8 hours. He would feel so much better. They are still giving him IV fluids and he had 2 units of blood yesterday. He is trying to sleep now but the staff keeps coming in and waking him. I wish they would all get together and come in at the same time instead of every 30 minutes. I guess you can't always get what you want but it doesn't hurt to try. :) Continuing to pray for healing and a full recovery.

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  1. I am pleased you have not lost your sense of humour. Insulted kidneys. That is very good! I am sure once they get over the insults, and Donald gets that elusive rest (it is a wonder anyone can really get a good sleep in a hospital with all that goes on, esp when the patient really needs it to help heal) Maybe I will pray for Donald's guardian angel to come and thump him with a spiritual 2x4, so rest and sleep will come at last. Then we can let grace and nature really start a massive job of healing.

    May God grant what is needed, and hopefully that is the same as what is wanted.

    Gotta plan a Dukes of Hazzard viewing marathon for when Donald gets better!!! Yeeehawww!