My Kryptonite

Hi my name is Brandy and my fiance is Donald Fitzgerald. As most of you know Donald has been dubbed "Superman" and for good reason. Donald was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) when he was 13 years old and relapsed when he was 18. He was cured of this cancer and has gone almost 13 years cancer free. During this time, he has undergone 2 hip replacements and a partial shoulder replacement due to the high doses of steroids he had to take. Then, on March 24th 2011, 3 months after his 32nd birthday, we got the devastating news that the cancer had come back. We are now at UMC about to undergo the long process of Chemo once again. He will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 30 days for the initial treatment. He is strong and will beat this once again but we need everyone's prayers. God is in control and there is nothing out of his hands. As someone posted once on facebook "The deals not done until God's done dealing".



Friday, July 8, 2011

Not So Good News!

The doctor just came in and advised us that because of the fungal infection in Donald's blood they are going to have to remove his central line. She advised they will have to put in a regular IV line for the weekend and then put in a new central line on Monday. Now, the problems we are facing with this are:  it is extremely difficult to find a good vein to put in an IV and his platelets are so low that it is going to be difficult to get them high enough to do the procedure to put in a new line since his body is rejecting donor platelets. Donald's anxiety is elevated due to these issues. I know God is in control and will see us through all of this but Donald needs lots encouragement and reassurance. It's easy for us to tell him everything is going to be okay when we are not the ones stuck in the hospital fighting for our lives. Donald is getting discouraged and I can't blame him for worrying. I pray he will seek God's face and find peace knowing God is with him always.

The doctor also said that if all goes well this weekend then they will put in the central line Monday morning and start his chemo. I know everything will go well and he will get through all of this. God is so good to us and has blessed us during all of this. Sure, we have had hurdles to overcome but what is life without trials. For it is when we are broken that we can truly see Gods face. When life is going great we sometimes  fail to stop and say "Thank You Lord For All You Have Done" . We are too often caught up in our own lives to see all of the many blessings He has given us. God is Great and he will see us through this. No matter what Satan throws at us we will continue to Praise God because we know there are better days to come.

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  1. As we know all too well, there cannot be an Easter Sunday without a Good Friday, no Resurrection without the Crucifixion. Christ suffered for us, and it is at these times we must let ourselves be united to His Passion and Suffering, for in the graces of this turnmoil shall goodness and healing come forth. We cannot see the big picture that Christ has for us, and for Donald. But we have Faith and Hope and His promise. Sometimes things have to get a lot worse before they get better, but they do get better. Donald will weather the latest storms and disappointments, and will be given the strength to persevere in this time when his cross is so terribly heavy. When things will start to turn around again for the good, they shall do so in a great and wondrous way. All in all, we must pray as Our Lord taught. Thy will be done, not mine.
    I have no doubt in my mind and heart you believe and live out that conviction, and in His mercy and compassion take comfort.

    With continuing and renewed intensive prayers,
    your servant in Christ