My Kryptonite

Hi my name is Brandy and my fiance is Donald Fitzgerald. As most of you know Donald has been dubbed "Superman" and for good reason. Donald was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) when he was 13 years old and relapsed when he was 18. He was cured of this cancer and has gone almost 13 years cancer free. During this time, he has undergone 2 hip replacements and a partial shoulder replacement due to the high doses of steroids he had to take. Then, on March 24th 2011, 3 months after his 32nd birthday, we got the devastating news that the cancer had come back. We are now at UMC about to undergo the long process of Chemo once again. He will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 30 days for the initial treatment. He is strong and will beat this once again but we need everyone's prayers. God is in control and there is nothing out of his hands. As someone posted once on facebook "The deals not done until God's done dealing".



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Biopsy Failed

They tried for over an hour to get a biopsy on Donald with no success. The doctor advised that his bones have been softened from all of the Chemo which makes it very difficult to get the aspirate. Dr. Herrin has rescheduled the biopsy for tomorrow morning. He is going to try to get aspirate but if not he will just get a piece of bone and they should be able to obtain all the information they need from that. The doctor said that even that will be a challenge because soft bone doesn't like to stick inside the needle like hard bone. I am putting my faith in God that he is going to allow everything to go smoothly tomorrow and they will be able to obtain everything they need from the biopsy. I know that my GOD is all powerful and it doesn't matter what the doctors say. HE is the Great Physician and can do all things. I pray that God will guide the hands of the doctor and allow him to get it on the first try. I put my Faith in HIM.

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